A Powerful Weapon for Hunters

by Nancy Nardin on July 7, 2010

email A Powerful Weapon for Hunters

If you’ve got a hunting territory, or you both hunt and farm for prospects, then you spend great effort searching for new sources of leads. And there’s no better place than the Web for coming upon a large herd of prospects gathered in one place.

I’m talking about online directories. Whether it’s Hoover’s, JigSaw, the white or yellow pages, or association directories, there are hunting grounds where leads are abundant. Unfortunately, that usually involves picking-off each lead, one-at-a-time. And copying and pasting names off of web directories is not an efficient way to bring home the bounty.

That’s where ListGrabber comes in. ListGrabber is one of several weapons in eGrabber’s arsenal (they also have Addressgrabber, LeadGrabber, LeadResearch and other specialized lead capture tools).

With ListGrabber, you can capture an entire page of contacts; names, emails, addresses, titles, phone numbers and more. You simply highlight the area containing the contacts and click “grab”. ListGrabber nabs each one lickety-split. Where do they go? Easily export them directly  into your CRM, or an Excel spreadsheet.

Different web-sites have differing rules regarding the use of their data. So you’ll need to make sure you’re operating within the legal limits of what’s allowed.  A quick check of a site’s terms of use should answer that question.

If you’re building-up your database with available lists off the Web then you need ListGrabber. For a one-time fee of $250 , it’s a cheap and efficient way to feed your hunger for leads.

Click here to get a free, trial download of ListGrabber today.

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