Contacts are Perishable Unless Their Kept Fresh

by Nancy Nardin on January 9, 2011

email Contacts are Perishable Unless Their Kept Fresh

expiration date 150x150 Contacts are Perishable Unless Their Kept Fresh

One of the most valuable assets a company has is their contact database. In fact, an inventory of prospect and customer names is just as important as product inventory. People would lose their jobs if they let 40% of the company’s product inventory spoil every year.

Yet, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37.2 percent of the total workforce was hired into new jobs in 2009 (not including people who got new jobs with the same employer). That means if you have a 6,000 contacts in your contact database, as many as 37 percent of those people (2,220) might have new jobs after a year. Their information in your database will therefore be out of date. To keep your database up to date, you’ll need to update an average of 8.5 records per business day (2,220 / 260 business days).

Updating 8.5 records each day might not sound like a lot of work. But here’s the gottcha. You don’t know which record is out-dated – or when- unless you verify each contact every day!

And that’s an impossible task for any sized company unless it has access to an online service like Zoominfo.

ZoomInfo provides continuously updated information about businesses and employees.

ZoomInfo has patented systems that collect, match and constantly replenish information on five million businesses and 50 million employees. It gets its information from three sources – the Web via its proprietary Web-crawler, community contributions and individuals who provide data for their own profiles. The company’s automated processes of data gathering, matching and profile creating allow it to update and add thousands of business and employee profiles daily.

There are two key elements to ZoomInfo Community Edition that make it super compelling for any salesperson or organization:

#1 It doesn’t matter whether you have one contact to contribute or hundreds. You’ll get access to the entire ZoomInfo Database of millions of businesses and people (plus select search tools), regardless.

#2 You don’t have to spend any time manually entering your contacts into a Web form. Instead, you simply download a small program called “Community Contributor.” It’s what they call “automated contribution.” From then on, you don’t have to do a thing.

The contact contributor program allows ZoomInfo to extract only your business contacts from your Outlook application. For some people, this will be a deal-breaker. But I personally don’t think it should be. Firstly, your contributions are anonymous. Secondly, any contact information with a non-business email is skipped (like those from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo and those from Verizon, ATT, Comcast, etc.). And thirdly, anyone who has been added to ZoomInfo’s database can easily opt-out of having their contact information displayed. In fact, it’s the automated contribution aspect that I like best. You don’t have to do anything and neither do your salespeople.

Here are the key take-aways:

•         You’ll always have access to any contact’s most current information; company, job title, phone, email, address.

•         You don’t have to spend any time manually entering leads or tracking points like other “crowd-sourced” contact database services.

•         Salespeople can stay focused on selling rather than searching multiple sources including the vast Web, for the right contact. And we know that for every 30 minutes a salesperson spends doing something other than selling, they lose one full day of sales productivity. Give them access to ZoomInfo and you’ll protect that valuable selling time.

Oh and one more thing. Instead of having just 6,000 contacts as in our earlier example, you can find nearly any contact you need from a database of more than 50 million.

It’s free, it’s easy, it protects your selling time, and ensures you have access to a fresh inventory of contacts.

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