Intelligent Sales Forecasting – an Oxymoron?

by Nancy Nardin on August 23, 2011

email Intelligent Sales Forecasting   an Oxymoron?

Today, Cloud9 Analytics announced a new solution for intelligent sales forecasting. The key word is “intelligent.” It’s a good descriptor if you want to get a point across. Sales forecasts are the very best guess about which deals will come in - and when – based on the best intelligence on that day.

Problem is – the minute a forecast is published, it’s out-dated and by out-dated I mean it no longer reflects the latest intelligence.

Cloud9 aims to change that, at least for sales organizations of 50 or more. That’s about the point at which managers can no longer effectively manage operations on basic CRM reporting and analytics alone.

Cloud9′s Sales Performance Suite already gives users an ability to view pipeline data from multiple perspectives as well as to understand the root causes behind forecast disparities.

The new release adds several key new features:

  • The ability to apply management judgment (overrides) to people, products, and opportunities. Users can change values on a number of variables including stage, percent, forecast category, close date, and amount.
  • The ability to compare each aggregate judgment to coverage by sales stage and gross coverage models. Users can then compare data against historical norms, other regions, and other reps.
  • A sales rep “scorecard”, allowing managers to compare the  performance of individual sales representatives, such as quota attainment.

The new product is expected to be available for limited release in early 2012.

Cloud9 will be exhibiting at Dreamforce next week. Visit them at Booth 1121. Or go to to learn more.

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