Why Do YOU hate Calls from Salespeople?

by Nancy Nardin on December 21, 2011

email Why Do YOU hate Calls from Salespeople?

original orange phone 150x150 Why Do YOU hate Calls from Salespeople?If you’re a manager, there’s no doubt you measure reps’ performance to some extent, by the number of cold calls they make. We expect reps to barrel ahead and blast through the barriers. No excuses. But you know it can be difficult.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about the steps you can take to make their job easier.

You can start by recalling the last time a salesperson cold-called you.

Were you happy to take the call or did you have a visceral reaction the second you recognized it as a sales call?

Buyers react viscerally to cold-calls for a number of reasons. Here are two biggies:

  1. The call is unexpected and therefore, an interruption in their day. The rep is wasting their time.
  2. Based on past experience, they “know” the rep didn’t do any home-work and has no clue what they do.

Brainstorm with your reps during your next sales meeting. Think about what would convince you to accept a cold call and share that insight with them.

Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

  • What would a sales rep have to do or say for you to welcome their cold-call?
  • Are you more receptive to a call if you received an email in advance?
  • What are the things reps do or say on a cold-call to you that you hate the most?
  • How can your reps avoid those mistakes?

The new year allows us to start with a fresh slate in many ways. Beginning with a fresh look at how your reps can improve cold-calls is a good way to begin the year.

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Mike Weinberg December 21, 2011 at 8:45 pm

Well said Nancy!
I could not agree more with your observation about the instinctive, visceral reaction once someone realizes a salesperson got them on the phone. It is critical that we act and sound different than the majority of sales hacks out there causing that negative reflex we experience.

Thanks for the challenge.


John December 21, 2011 at 9:28 pm

Great post, Nancy! It’s interesting to take a step back and analyze a cold call when someone is calling you. It’s a good way to see what a person is doing wrong or right and bring those tips back to your team.



Ted Lee Sadler December 22, 2011 at 8:24 am

I always let them get through their initial pitch or the first page of the script then I give them feed back on their effort – voice, inflection, smile, etc. I like to give them a positive response to their effort regardless of my interest in the product.


Simon Fenn December 22, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Great perspective. When call centres call me my tendency is to just hang up. I frequently receive calls during my workday when I am spending my time researching MY prospects. Invariably the “hack” as mentioned by Mike above has not done his homework. I am resigned to the fact that there is never a really “good” time to receive sales calls so I do have some sympathy, especially for those with the right approach.

I tend to solicit business differently these days but a small percentage of my time is still spent making telephone calls. I usually have researched and sometimes written a letter to the client in advance, therefore avoiding the junk box (but possibly having them see my name before hitting the garbage can).

Typically when I call I have tried to identify what challenges the client faces if there is a match to the service I provide that may help him/her with the challenges. I also deliver metrics or experiences to demonstrate my qualifications. My objective is to get a meeting at this stage not to sell a product, so falling into my insurance “comfort zone” will only push away the opportunity.

I still find referral is the very best way to solicit business so most of my telephone time is spent keeping in touch with those that have referred business to me before.

Happy Holidays


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